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International Certified Future Strategist – Part 2

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We have chosen Crete for the second part of this International Certified Future Strategist program as Crete forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece, although it retains its own distinct local cultural traits.  Once the centre of the Minoan civilisation, the earliest known civilisation in Europe, Crete has survived into the future.

Cretans are truly remarkable. In spite of adversities going back fifty centuries, they have managed to preserve their national characteristics and their clear language intact: bravery mixed with a sense of independence, vivid intelligence, fervent imagination; language full of imagery, spontaneous and simplicity; love for every kind of adventure; and an irresistible urge to be free. It is a fertile land, which has been giving birth to the worthiest people in democracy, sciences and letters.

The culture and character of Cretans are quite unique. Influenced by the different conquerors in the course of their history, Cretans are culturally multidimensional and never fail to impress their visitors. Hospitable, joyous, vigorous, traditional and modern, they will be glad and proud to show you around, urge you to taste all (and there are truly many) their local products, and tell you stories and myths about their island.