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Leading Innovation

  • Crete
  • 22 October 2018 - 26 October 2018

Dr. Michael Hathorn is a clinical professor at Arizona State University and the Thunderbird Global School of Management with extensive experience across industry sectors and geographical regions. He has recently been engaged with companies in the US, Europe (Balkans) and Middle East to support them in meeting their business leadership and innovation challenges. In addition to his advisory roles, Michael has in-depth experience in leading innovation, change management and enterprise transformation in companies from around the globe. As a practitioner, he has been applying the IDEO innovation design methodology from Silicon Valley with his clients for over 20 years. He brings academic rigor and pragmatic business practice together to ensure organisational results. Arizona State University is the #1 ranked University in the US in the field of Innovation.


There could be no better location than Crete for this program on Leading Innovation.  Crete, the center of the Minoan Civilization, was a leader in innovation in the ancient world.  Their advanced architecture, commerce, arts are remnants of a civilization that had innovation at its core.  The ancient palace at Knossos is a remarkable construction that still, to this day, remains enigmatic.

But the tradition of innovation on Crete carries forward to this day.  Its olive oil, wine, and other industries (including its famous rusks ‘Manna’),  are competing on a global scale due to their leading innovative systems.