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Leading Change: Transforming Business, Society and Government in the Digital Age

  • Santorini
  • 4 June 2018 - 8 June 2018

James Constantini, Professor of Strategy, SIG Program Director, INSEAD

James's research interest is on how firm strategy and industrial organization is affected by the broader institutional environment. James has taught courses on strategy and economics to undergraduates, MBAs and executives.

Before joining INSEAD, James received his PhD in Business Economics from Harvard University/Harvard Business School. James's prior education includes a Masters in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, where he graduated Baker Scholar, and a MPhil in Finance and a BA in Mathematics from Cambridge University, U.K..

James has over a ten years experience as a consultant. James was a management consultant in the London and New York offices of McKinsey & Company from 1991 to 2001, except for the two years to complete his MBA. James advised primarily on issues of business unit strategy and corporate strategy to clients across a range of industries. James has also consulted with ghSmart & Company, with a focus on assessment of senior management teams for private equity investors.

At INSEAD James teaches in the MBA programme and in a range of executive education programmes. Within executive education, James’s programme direction has been with companies from a wide range of sectors and geographies, including KPMG, Toshiba, Amdocs, Orkla, Borregaard, Oliver Wyman, GERBUS (, NSG, and Ferrovial.

Erin Meyer, Professor of Organisational Behavior, INSEAD

Erin Meyer is a Professor in the Organisational Behaviour Department at INSEAD and specialises in the field of Cross-Cultural Management, Intercultural Negotiations, and Multi-Cultural Leadership. Erin is also the Programme Director for two INSEAD executive education programmes: Managing Global Virtual Teams, and Management Skills for International Business. She is also the author of The Culture Map: Breaking Through the Invisible Boundaries of Global Business. Erin’s work focuses on how the world’s most successful leaders navigate the complexities of cultural differences in a global environment. 

Living and working in Africa, Europe, and the United States prompted Erin Meyer’s study of the communication patterns and business systems of different parts of the world. Her framework allows international executives to pinpoint their leadership preferences, and compare their methods to the management styles of other cultures. Erin has taught thousands of executives from 5 continents to decode cross-cultural complexities impacting their work, and to lead more effectively across these differences. 

Erin has published articles in Harvard Business Review (‘Navigating the Cultural Minefield’ May 2014 and 'China Myths/ China Facts,’ January 2010), Harvard Business Manager (‘Confucius Says,’ September 2009), Singapore Business Times ('Debunking China Myths,’ June 2009 and ‘Managing Cross-Border Teams,’ November 2010), Forbes.Com (‘The Four Keys to Success with Virtual Teams,’ September 2010), South China Morning Post (‘Eight-Scale Tool for Mapping Cultural Differences’ May 2014), The Jakarta Post (‘When to Speak Up, When to Shut Up’ April 2014), Times of India ('A Business Man’s Guide to Manners’ September 2014). She has been interviewed by Fareed Zakaria on CNN and by Scarlet Fu on Bloomberg Surveillance (August 2014). Her case, ‘Leading Across Cultures at Michelin,’ won the ECCH 2010 European case award for best human resources management case of the year. Erin appeared on the Thinkers 50 ‘On the Radar’ listing for 2013. In addition she appeared in the October 2013 edition of British Airway’s magazine Business Life on their list titled On the Up: Ten Dons to Watch’. 

Erin's business experience includes leading multi-cultural teams as the Director of Training and Development at HBOC and as the Director of Business Operations at McKesson Corporation. In addition Erin spent 7 years as a Country Director for Aperian Global, an internationally positioned cross-cultural management firm. Other experience includes running a training organization for Asian immigrants in the United States and teaching English students in Botswana. Her clients include companies such as TNT, NovoNordisk, L'€™OREAL, Johnson & Johnson, Michelin and KPMG.

Joerg Niessing, Professor of Marketing, INSEAD

Joerg Niessing is a Professor of Marketing at INSEAD and is passionate about bridging the academic and the business world on topics related to marketing, branding and digitization. He holds a PhD in Marketing from the University of Muenster. His credentials do not only come from his academic career, but also from over 13 years in consulting. Here he focused on building leading brands and delivering profitable growth through the development of outstanding customer experiences, distinctive customer insights and data analytics. His diverse background includes marketing and branding strategy, marketing analytics, digital & social media marketing, and customer relationship management across a broad range of industries in different countries.

At INSEAD, Joerg focuses on brand management, marketing research & analytics, (‘big’) data analytics, and digital marketing and develops and teaches courses in these areas. He is also the Executive Director of INSEAD elab, the research and analytics centre at INSEAD that focuses on the intersection of data analytics, customer insights and digitization. Joerg gives talks and consults for a number of organizations in his area of expertise. He is co-directing Leading Digital Marketing Strategy.

Before joining INSEAD Joerg worked as an Associate Partner at Prophet; a strategic brand and marketing consultancy. At Prophet he has worked with companies to uncover and activate actionable customer insights through the application of customized research & analytics methods. He developed in-depth experience in market evaluation, segmentation, brand positioning, value proposition, brand equity & valuation, brand portfolio management, social media strategy & analytics, and marketing effectiveness for clients such as Mondelez, eBay, United Healthcare, PepsiCo, T-Mobile, United Airlines, Samsung, Electrolux, Cisco Systems, and Swarovski. 

Before joining Prophet, Joerg was a managing director at the Marketing Center Muenster. During this time he led several marketing projects in strategy development, brand management, and customer relationship management for a variety of German DAX companies including BMW, Deutsche Post, Volkswagen, Lufthansa and Deutsche Bahn. 

Noah Askin, Professor of Organisational Behavior, INSEAD

Noah Askin is a Professor of Organisational Behaviour at INSEAD, where he teaches the organisational design and leadership core course in the MBA program. His teaching focuses primarily on firms’ organisational-strategic alignment, leading and experiencing organisational change, managing corporate culture, and utilizing social networks.

Noah is interested in social and cultural networks, the antecedents and consequences of creativity and innovation, the production and consumption of culture, and the dynamics of organisational and individual status. His current research is divided among these interests in two streams. The first is around the creation and performance of cultural products: music chart and industry dynamics, what factors contribute to creativity, the tradeoffs associated with being innovative, the implications of the shift to digital distribution, and the analysis of culture using big data. The second area of research is around the role and impact of network- and rankings-based status on organisations. His work, which has garnered him recognition on the Thinkers 50 Radar list, has appeared in Administrative Science Quarterly, computational social science publications, and been covered in Forbes,, The Times of London, and music industry blogs. 

Prior to becoming a business school academic, Noah had a number of roles in the business and not-for-profit sectors. He was a management consultant for the Monitor Group, working in its strategy practice and its Executive Development group. This was followed by several years as an early member of a start-up in the educational services space. Noah received a joint PhD from the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business and its Sociology department. He also has an MA in Sociology from the University of Chicago and an MBA from Booth, as well as an AB in Psychology from Harvard University. 

We have chosen the spectacular island of Santorini for this program on Leading Change – Transforming Business, Society and Government in the Digital Age, as Santorini was host to the most advanced civilizations in the ancient world.  It was a leader in change and transformation. It was a leading trading center. Its society enjoyed the oldest water utilities system ever discovered  with both hot and cold water supplies.  The dual pipe system, the advanced architecture, and the apparent layout of the archaeological finds on Santorini resemble Plato’s description of the legendary lost city of Atlantis.

Today, Santorini boasts of a thriving business community and a society that has transformed itself to welcome over 1.5m visitors every year and to be one of the world’s best known and most sought after islands.