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Executive Coaching and Leadership Certification Bootcamp

  • Crete
  • 9 September 2018 - 18 September 2018


Miramare Resort
Agios Nicolaos

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We have chosen Crete as the location for this program as it is exceptional in many ways just as our Executive Coaching and Leadership program is.

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and has the most diverse mix of landscapes, situated farther to the south of most of the rest of Greece. Some parts of Crete are reminiscent of other parts of Greece, but on the whole it stands alone and has its own unmistakeable culture and atmosphere.

Crete stands out from the other Greek islands due to the breadth of its history: from the mysterious Minoans with their labyrinthine palaces, through Venetian control, to the daring deeds during the German occupation.

Cretans are known for their determination, perseverance and strength. They are leaders who don’t shy away from challenges. Our Executive Coaching and Leadership program will draw from this strength and our participants will be prepared to meet the challenges they encounter in their professional lives.