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Executive Coaching and Leadership Certification Bootcamp

  • Crete
  • 9 September 2018 - 18 September 2018

Discover your authentic leadership and how to empower your team in this immersive leadership and coaching certification program for executives seeking to become better managers and leaders, as well as individuals interested in becoming executive coaches.

Today’s leaders require skills beyond the analytical and strategic, and must wear many hats: advisor, supporter, mentor — and coach. Our certification focuses on developing coaches who excel at the critical soft skills leaders require today – including empathy, professional intimacy, and leadership presence.

The Executive Coaching Certification offers an opportunity for both deep self-reflection and the development of the skills required to be a trusted coach to business professionals. The guiding belief of the program: we wouldn’t ask our clients to do anything we had not done ourselves.

Candidates of the program include accomplished business leaders who wish to incorporate executive coaching into their management practice within an organization, as well as individuals who wish to begin or further develop a career as an independent executive coach.

This 10-day intensive bootcamp includes:

  • 10 days of instruction in executive coaching and leadership presence
  • 2-day practicum to coach employees at leading companies
  • Private executive coaching sessions with faculty
  • 4 months of follow-on distance learning
  • Access to a global network of leaders and experienced coaches
  • 4 months of follow-up distance learning and online group sessions
  • Certificate of completion from University of California, Berkeley Center for Executive Education.

Offered in affiliation with UC Berkeley Executive Education, the Berkeley Executive Coaching Certificate Program is a ten-day intensive training for executives seeking to become better managers and leaders, as well as individuals interested in becoming executive coaches. This certification program focuses on developing coaches who excel at the critical soft skills leaders require today – including empathy, professional intimacy, leadership presence and effective communication skills. This executive coach training is an exclusive certification from UC Berkeley.

The Harvard Business Review recently gave these four reasons why managers coach :

  • They see coaching as an essential tool for achieving business goals.
  • They enjoy helping people develop.
  • They are curious.
  • They are interested in establishing connections.

Are you ready to invest in yourself as a leader and coach? HBR says, “Whether it’s because [managers who coach] are competing for talent, operating in a highly turbulent market place, trying to retain their budding leaders, or aiming to grow their solid players, they believe that they simply have to take the time to coach.”

“I have applied my learning as a coach to my leadership role at my organization by changing the conversations I have with my direct reports. In our one-on-ones and check in discussions, I have started to ask questions when they come to me with a problem set or challenge (where they want direction or an answer), by asking questions like: “How are you thinking about addressing that?” “What could you do in this situation?” etc. In most cases my directs have better answers to their own questions than I could have ever offered! It is gratifying as a leader to see this, and I find it more relaxing to not be in the situation where I need to have all the answers, but to be helpful in empowering them to identify the best step forward. I now ask (and I rarely did this before) towards the end of our sessions, “How can I best support you?” and telling them things like, “You know what to do. Let me know how I can best support.””

– TC, Head of Executive Search at a leading technology firm, ECI graduate


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We have chosen Crete as the location for this program as it is exceptional in many ways just as our Executive Coaching and Leadership program is.

Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and has the most diverse mix of landscapes, situated farther to the south of most of the rest of Greece. Some parts of Crete are reminiscent of other parts of Greece, but on the whole it stands alone and has its own unmistakeable culture and atmosphere.

Crete stands out from the other Greek islands due to the breadth of its history: from the mysterious Minoans with their labyrinthine palaces, through Venetian control, to the daring deeds during the German occupation.

Cretans are known for their determination, perseverance and strength. They are leaders who don’t shy away from challenges. Our Executive Coaching and Leadership program will draw from this strength and our participants will be prepared to meet the challenges they encounter in their professional lives.