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Leading Innovation

  • Crete
  • 22 October 2018 - 26 October 2018

Innovation is an often misunderstood phenomena that can be difficult to integrate into an organization or team culture. We are therefore proud to be partnering with Thunderbird School of Global Management, a unit of Arizona State University (ASU) Knowledge Enterprise, which has been ranked #1 in the US for Innovation for three consecutive years.  Innovation is what Thunderbird School of Global Management and ASU do best.  We bring you only the best.

In this session, you will investigate the cultures and best practices of the leading innovative companies and distill a set of principles, processes and tools that can help to ground innovation in your leadership practice. You will “learn by doing” as you tackle generic innovation challenges in a simulated environment and when you apply what you have learned to your own innovation challenges. You will acquire a solid foundation in the “art and science” of innovation that will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools to lead innovation in your organizations.

Specifically, the main learning objectives are as follows:

 Understand the phenomena of innovation and why it is important
 Identify innovation best practices and how these can be adapted to suit a specific organization
 Develop a set of practical skills for leading innovation
 Experience the challenge of various innovation processes, including “brainstorming for innovation” and an innovation “deep dive”
 Analyse the opportunities for innovation in your organization and-or team
 Complete your personal and organisational development plan for this topic


• What is innovation and how can we further develop an innovation culture?
• What are the best practices of the most innovative companies and how can we adapt them to our organizations?
• What “mind-sets”, processes and tools can be used to foster and drive innovation?
• How can we choose innovation initiatives that are the right ones for us?
• What specific strategies can be used to deliver innovation projects?
• How do we build and motivate innovation teams to deliver outstanding results?
• What are the highest priority innovation leadership development areas for you and your organisation?


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There could be no better location than Crete for this program on Leading Innovation.  Crete, the center of the Minoan Civilization, was a leader in innovation in the ancient world.  Their advanced architecture, commerce, arts are remnants of a civilization that had innovation at its core.  The ancient palace at Knossos is a remarkable construction that still, to this day, remains enigmatic.

But the tradition of innovation on Crete carries forward to this day.  Its olive oil, wine, and other industries (including its famous rusks ‘Manna’),  are competing on a global scale due to their leading innovative systems.